Overview of Day 2 of the Session

Details of the day’s business can be found in the Legislative  Journal, but here’s a brief overview.

The legislature received a number of communications from the governor with appointments to a number commissions, boards and councils.  Those are unelected positions, appointed by the governor with the assent of the Legislature.

Reports were received and approved from a variety of departments, boards, commissions, and committees.

The final assignment of committees was offered by the Committee on Committees, and approved.

Legislative Bill 1-96 were introduced.  More information on those bills can be found here.  We’ll be going through those (as well as any that are introduced today) over the weekend, and hope to point out any that we think we particularly ought to keep an eye on.  If you go throught the list and see some you’d like us to dig into, leave a comment.

The Legislature reconvenes at 10 a.m. this morning.


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