Day 4 of the Session

Day 4 was completed today.  Fifty more bills were introduced, putting the number introduced currently at 206.  Generally, most bill are introduced in the first 10 days of the session, so by the end of next week, we ought to have a pretty good idea of what the senators will be dealing with.

A couple of us are feverishly reviewing proposed legislation to see what lovers of liberty might be especially interested in.  Given that there could easily be over 500 pieces of legislation introduced, we could use some help.  If you’re interested in giving some of your time reviewing legislation–or in following particular committees and their actions, once all legislation is introduced and hearings start–leave a comment, or e-mail us here with contact information.  We’ll get you set up.

Hope to start providing some “bills to watch” in the next day or two.


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One response to “Day 4 of the Session

  1. Caleb

    Looking at the bills introduced today, Tuesday, there are a few that need to be watched for.

    A positive one was LB226 – Change the age of majority to eighteen years of age for certain purposes. Currently the age of majority is 19. Being someone who married quite young, I ran into a lot of issues as an 18 year-old married man with no adult authority to rent a hotel room or open a bank account.

    Then there’s LB222 – Restrict issuance of learner’s permits, which requires that to get a learner’s permit at the age of 15 one must take a written examination. In addition, it will be illegal to “use any type of interactive wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle on the highways of this state”. This would set a precedent for the state to one day ban this entirely. Next, in order to drive on the highways in Nebraska, the individual must be accompanied by a licensed person who is at least 21 years of age. Personally I live in Lincoln and have to drive on highway 2 almost daily. Does this imply that for a 15 year old to drive through the middle of town without a 21 year-old would then be illegal?

    Then there’s the big one: LB229 – Adopt federal regulations and change operator’s license and state identification card provisions. This appears to be the REAL ID incarnate.

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