Up in Smoke

It seems Nebraska hopes to keep the ball rolling on smoking restrictions with LB93, which would make it illegal to smoke in a car where there is an occupant under the age of 16. This bill was introduced by Senator Gwen Howard.

While I understand the concerns of secondhand smoke exposure, the progression of laws that Nebraska is heading for doesn’t make much sense as far as actual risk is concerned. First, we got the smoking ban in public places, which in most cases doesn’t amount to much exposure. Now, we’re looking at smoking in cars, which is probably more exposure than public places, but still, the amount of time spent in a car with someone who smokes is going to be minimal. In reality, living with someone who smokes inside the home is probably the greatest health risk.

Is it wrong for people to expose their children to the risk of secondhand smoke? Probably. But is it the government’s job to regulate it? Will they start coming into our homes to make sure that we’re not exposing our kids to anything they consider harmful? Today it’s cigarette smoke, but tomorrow will it be diet, or who knows what else? Where do we draw the line and let people make their own mistakes?

Also, this bill is similar to the seatbelt law mentioned in an earlier post. An officer could pull someone over for smoking in a car if they believe a passenger under 16 may be inside. This power could definitely be abused.



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3 responses to “Up in Smoke

  1. Do you just love it when the government does all our thinking for us. After all, we are so dumb, and they are so smart> (NOT)!!! What comes next? Laws telling us, we can’t eat foods we like, or laws that say we can’t do anything, unless we get permission from Legislators? I have a better idea. Let get ride of the dead wood in government, who have nothing better to do then come up with stupid ideas, for making our world a better place to live in. How can losing our rights, make us any happier? There is really only one thing, that will bring joy back to me, and that is when, we fire the Legislators making these damn laws!

  2. Candy

    I agree ..and next they will want to tell people what they can and can not do in their own homes.
    Land of the free..I think not.

  3. Caleb

    I certainly think this is a bit too far reaching. At this point the matter isn’t even about safety on the road, but in regulating people’s behavior within their own property. While the roads are public, the inside of a car most certainly is not (otherwise the police wouldn’t need to ask permission to search your vehicle).

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