Kids, Love, and Money

LB91 seeks to make subsidies for foster children continue once they are adopted. Adoption is a great thing…when the parents are being motivated by love for the child.

I can understand that there are situations where the subsidies would be a good thing, especially for children with high-cost special needs that would present a great financial burden. In that situation, the subsidy may make it feasible for a loving family to adopt a child, when otherwise they may not be able to afford it.

But just as we have to be wary about whether foster parents have good intentions due to subsidies, we would now have to be wary of adoptive parents, as well. The difficult part of this is that with foster parents, at least it’s a temporary situation. But adoption is permanent. It would be sad if the subsidy caused children to be permanently placed in the home of someone who only had them around for the money.


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Filed under Health & Human Service Committee, Nebraska Legislature

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