Hip Techie Legislators?

About 70 new Macbook Air computers were purchased for state legislators and other staff, according to an Omaha World-Herald article.

Props to Senator Tony Fulton for thinking that legislators don’t need the sexiest laptop on the block. He is right in thinking that cheaper, regular Macbooks would have served the legislators just as well. (The OWH seems a bit biased in favor of the Air laptops–calling the regular Macbook “chubbier” when it only weighs 1.5 pounds more.)

Let’s hope that Senator Fulton carries that concern for wasting our money into other aspects of his legislative duties.



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3 responses to “Hip Techie Legislators?

  1. Art

    I have to wonder if the 70 recipients know anything about operating a Mac. Wouldn’t a $399 Dell work just as well for Docs and Spreadsheets?

    What other tasks do they need these for?

  2. Jim

    While the MacBook Air is certainly a robust laptop, it does lack an internal CD/DVD-ROM Drive, which, in today’s technological world is much like a vehicle with a flat tire. It can undoubtedly utilize an external CD/DVD-ROM drive, however, are those already existing for the users, or were they a separate “appropriation”?

    Assuming the article is correct, these laptops were purchased as the base-model, at a discount. The hardware included in the base model is slightly lower performing than what could have been purchased with an equally priced regular MacBook. Another thing to consider, is there proper technical support provided with 70 new machines of a differing operating system? Apple does use OS X after all, which is nothing like Microsoft Windows as far as administration and management.

    I very much doubt the inclusion of solid state hard drives, as that would have driven the cost up by approximately 25%.

    Another question, do the existing software licenses work with the MacBook Air software, or will those have to be purchased again? I would certainly hope that all of these questions and more were asked during the initial purchasing discussion.

  3. Caleb

    MacBook Airs? Those are pretty pricey. I am a person who can really appreciate a nice Apple laptop, but I see no reason to opt for an Air. Hopefully they at least didn’t go with solid state hard drives.

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