Driver’s licenses and privacy

It seems that more and more, the government is looking to use a driver’s license for more than just driving.  If LB261 is passed, you may be sharing the information on that license whenever you buy alcohol, tobacco, or lottery tickets.  This bill allows businesses to use machine readers to swipe the license and verify the customer’s age.  The most troubling aspect, is that your data would then be associated with that transaction and stored in a database for use by law enforcement.  So suddenly the government will know every time we make  purchases of these items.

Also, in another step toward a more powerful federal government, LB372 will make the digital copy of your photograph on your driver’s license available to federal authorities.



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5 responses to “Driver’s licenses and privacy

  1. jt_nebraska

    This legislation is wrong. This is one piece of legislation that we need to rally to defeat in each of our state senate districts. From getting people to sign a petition against it to those calling, emailing and personally visiting each senator. We have work to do.

  2. And to think, we pay these jerks, to make these laws, to take our freedoms away from us. Anyone who signs such a bill, should be hung by a rope, for treason! The real ID act is so wrong for a free nation. We need to remove those in power, and put people in who will protect all of us, from big bad government. This is all about the new world order. The government does not want people to have the right to think for themselves. No wonder we are failing as a nation. We the people, must fight, against big government. If we don’t we will be living in a police state. Duh! we already are living in a police state. Legislators are only making things worse, by passing these evil laws. Walk up people! Stop sitting on your hands, watching the boobtube and take action by getting involved, and warning everyone you know, about the Legislators voting away our rights.

  3. gahill

    Good Lord. I just don’t understand where people come up with this stuff? Who in the world can possibly sit around and think “you know what would be great? If we could track everyone’s spending habits and keep it in a ‘secure’ database!”

    How can people *not* see how this is wrong in every way?

    This is why sites like this are great. We need to educate the people in this state, because I can assure you the politicians introducing these bills are not.

  4. Candy

    Also alarming when you think about this in conjunction with the real ID act Nebraska endorsed this past year.

  5. nebraskaliberty

    These should be MAJOR concerns to those who love liberty. LB261 is being introduced by Sen. Rogert of District 16 (Tekamah); LB 372 is being introduced by Senator Campbell, District 25 (Lincoln). Both bills threaten to infringe upon our civil liberties, and to increase the scope of “Big Brother” in our lives.

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