The Insidious Reach

Just a quick comment as I leaf throught he 416 bills that have been introduced in the legislature thus far (there should only be 2 or 3 more days of significant introduction of legislation–most is introduced in the first 10 days of the legislative session so that they can be assigned to committees and placed on the hearings schedule): the state of Nebraska and it’s lawmakers seek to reach into areas of our daily lives every bit as much as “Big Brother” in Washington.  Whether it’s telling you whether you can smoke in your car (or anywhere else), sharing your driver’s license information with other agencies, providing premarital counselling for those who want to get married, or handing out “special deals” to certain classes of people (see the various laws which would exempt farm equipment and college textbooks from sales tax payments)–our government is in the business of taking away our liberty, and then deciding who gets the goodies.

Citizens of Nebraska need to take a look at the many bills that have been introduced in this legislative session, and question whether the state really needs to be sticking its nose in all these areas of life.  If their answer is “no”, then we need to let our legislators know that we’re watching them, and that we don’t appreciate the ever expanding reach of our state.


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  1. Candy

    This mirrors my thoughts exactly as I read through all the new bills that have been submitted.

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