“Weak Gun Laws”

I kind of think this is a good thing.



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2 responses to ““Weak Gun Laws”

  1. nebraskaliberty

    The assumption in the media is that “weak gun laws” is a bad thing. But “weak gun laws” simply means that the 2nd Amendment is respected, in my view. The weaker, the better.

  2. Jim

    So long as the people of the state are happy with the laws that are currently in place, I think it’s fine.

    I do have a few problems with the article though. “They continue to make it too easy for dangerous people to get dangerous weapons.” I really take issue with this statement. From their own website (Legal Community Against Violence) “Sections 69-2401 through 69-2425 require the transferee of a handgun to either undergo a background check or obtain a handgun certificate before the transfer.”
    Of course there are exceptions, and I’m not familiar with them, however, I also know that if/when I do want to purchase a weapon there are deterrents in place. That second part, “dangerous weapons” really bothers me. Weapons are inherently dangerous. The modifier “dangerous” is simply there to invoke an emotional reaction. Also, the phrase “dangerous people” is very vague, and open to interpretation.

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