LB106 – Another reason to pull you over

Currently, not wearing your seatbelt (or requiring your passengers to do likewise)  is a “secondary enforcement”  violation.  You must be cited for a primary violation before you can also be cited for a secondary violation. So you would have to be pulled over and cited for something else first.

LB106, introduced by Sen. John Harms of District 48 (Scottsbluff) , would change the seatbelt requirement  to a primary offense, meaning that you could be pulled over and cited just for not wearing a seatbelt.

Personally, I think law enforcement officers (when did we stop calling them peace officers?)  already have enough excuses to pull people over. Not to mention the fact that seatbelt and motorcycle helmet laws are just nanny-state interference with personal liberties to begin with.

There is a committee hearing for this bill in the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee, Room 1113, on Tuesday, Feb 17th at 1:30pm.


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