LB260 – Nebraska Claims for Wrongful Conviction and Imprisonment Act

This bill provides for compensation and aid to people who have been wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for a crime. Some highlights are $50,000 per year incarcerated plus $50,000 per year on death row, compensation for lost wages and costs associated with criminal defense, compensation for medical expenses, five years of health insurance, and tuition reimbursement.

Given that wrongful convictions do occurr, I believe that the government does have a duty to try and make restitution to those it has victimized, however “honest” the mistake may have been. While lost years are impossible to replace, this bill goes a long way towards making things right again for someone who was wronged.

This bill is scheduled for a hearing before the Judiciary Committee in room 1113 on Thursday Feb. 19th at 1:30pm.



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2 responses to “LB260 – Nebraska Claims for Wrongful Conviction and Imprisonment Act

  1. Amber Weinacht

    I have to wonder why everyone forgets that every state in the U.S. gets millions of dollars of federally allocated money each year to do with as we please. Yet, we bestow it upon ourselves to build a “bridge to nowhere” across the missouri river with $20 million of those allocated dollars and also spent millions on a stadium that will be used two weeks out of the year. Meanwhile we have people like the Beatrice 6 that are suffering, not to mention the homeless who have no place to go…and yet we are concerned about “where the money is going to come from”. NOTHING is going to come out of your pocket or mine, and even so, if it were, isn’t it for a good cause? These people deserve it. They have not only been deprived of their priveleges for twenty years, but their BASIC HUMAN FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS…the things that some of the rest of us deem as burdens. Can you put a price tag on YOUR life? I think not.

  2. Jim

    I find it hard to take issue against something like this. The sad fact is that it does occur, but the question is where is the money coming from?

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