Yet another victimless crime…

The prohibition of Salvia passed by a 44-0 vote. One thing our legislators all seem to agree on is that we need to be told what we can and cannot ingest. Being a Jeffersonian I subscribe to the idea, as expressed in our Declaration of Independence, that government exists to guarantee our rights. Somehow I don’t think our state legislators had our rights in mind when they passed this…



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2 responses to “Yet another victimless crime…

  1. Fantastic thoughts here and I enjoy your take on things. One thing I have noticed is what we think about is 100% what we receive. We create our own reality.

  2. nebraskaliberty

    We probably should have sent out an “alert” on this one. I blogged about it several weeks ago here, as well, and then sort of got busy with other things and lost track of it. The irony is that the legislator who sponsored it things that cigarette smoking in private businesses ought to be a matter of concern for the business-owners only–on property rights issues.

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